At every trade show we learn something valuable for now or down the road, no matter how big or small. We attend as many as we can, from international to regional and state.

New ideas. A sense of evolving needs and changes to come. New connections. The return on time invested is always in the profit column. Sometimes, it’s as simple as meeting new prospects in a desirable market. Most often, though, it’s gauging the real-world value of what we know – the bedrock of know-how and expertise in advancing technologies we reinforce with multiple training events every year.

That’s one of the biggest benefits of working with elite manufacturers. They really know their science, and they’re typically on the cutting edge of advanced technology. Their primary focus is on getting it right. And you’d better believe that applies to you, too, Mr./Ms. Manufacturers Rep, so here’s your training schedule. That suits us to a T. Our core belief is that the best-made products from the most knowledgeable manufacturers will provide the best results in real-world applications. We pursue training because the more we know, the more effectively we can apply our manufacturers’ solutions to customer challenges. But does all this training deliver corresponding value to our manufacturer and distributor customers? In other words, is all this work actually getting us anywhere? And how to we measure it?

We attend trade shows, where we can bounce that knowledge off the right people to see how meaningful it is for them. And as we talk with people at our booth or out on the show floor, the feedback tells us we’re absolutely on the right road.

When you know your stuff, the right people notice. And when you know your stuff really well, they begin mentally connecting the dots between their projects and your solutions. That’s the Hallelujah Moment for both parties, and there isn’t enough money in the world to buy that kind of trust.

Can I get an “Amen”?

What do you get out of trade shows, besides a plastic bag full of paper? Share with us here.