Three years already?? Well, there you have it: Proof that time flies when you’re having fun. And we’re having a ball! Not too shabby for people who started a business almost three years into one of the worst recessions in recorded history.

Now the industry as a whole is healthy and it’s growing. Shops are hiring again. Production that once went overseas is returning to previous suppliers. And the lowest-cost mandate has seen for what it truly is – a one-way ticket to Clunkerville. People are learning yet again that it’s not about the cost; it’s about the value.

So we’re as busy as worker bees in a hive-o-minium.

  • We’re making headway in New Mexico and Colorado (Welcome aboard!), with a nice increase in tooling and accessories for making medical components in Inconel and titanium. Our special kits sold like fireworks on the Fourth of July. We’re proud to say the Tom Paine Group sold more of those industrial products than anyone else.
  • Our manufacturers are launching – or getting ready to launch – some exciting new products – and we do not use that word lightly. (Man, we love working with manufacturers who love this stuff as much as we do! It just doesn’t get any better.)
  • Our friends at Vargus have developed Series 14D threading solutions, new microscope boring/threading tools with the potential to double productivity in oil and gas applications. Watch the video on the Vargus website
  • The folks at Haimer have launched new 3D-Sensors for precision tool holding in milling and EDM machines. These edge finders are seriouswly the best we’ve ever laid eyes on. See for yourself. 
  • Once the trade show season starts, shops in growth mode will be out there looking to maximize their equipment budget. We think it’s looking like a great 4th quarter.

As we begin another terrific year, we thank our elite manufacturers – the best of the best; our savvy distributor customers and the hard-working shops who keep this country growing. We raise a glass to you and to all who stand for and strive for honest value every day.