The Value of Leadership

We recently announced that industrial supplier VARGUS Ltd. has signed with us as its manufacturers’ representatives. VARGUS is widely recognized as the gold standard in thread turning and thread milling solutions. Product integrity – from their turning and milling technologies to their software – has everything to do with that.

VARGUS’ thread turning and thread milling software programs have earned high praise from machining specialists. The fact that the programs are offered as free downloads from the VARGUS web site gets high marks, of course. But a free download is only valuable if the product has value. And with VARGUS, as with all the elite manufacturers we represent, value is never an issue.

VARGUS pioneered this technology when computers were still hulking metal monstrosities. More than 50 years later, they’re still bringing new and exciting solutions to market and fostering advances in technologies to move the entire industry forward.

This clearly demonstrates a bone-deep commitment to building the industry. And that can only mean good things to come. It’s already meant good things for us.


About the Tom Paine Group:

The Tom Paine Group represents only the most reputable metalworking manufacturers with the most knowledgeable sales professionals, skilled in technology and rooted in integrity. The group is headquartered in Mansfield, Texas, and is a member of the Industrial Supply Association (ISA). For more information, visit VARGUS Ltd. Is a world leader in threading technology with the Vardex line encompassing 6,000+ products for the metalworking, energy, aerospace and automotive industries. Learn more at .