The Rising Demand for Quality

The signs are everywhere and growing: microbreweries, cigar bars and the proliferation of web sites devoted to handmade products and personal services. It’s one of the reasons U.S. companies are moving offshore manufacturing back to the States. And buyers have demonstrated time and again – especially in the past four years – that when things get tight and the purchase is important to them, buyers will choose the best they can get, whatever the price.

It’s all about quality. And it makes perfect sense. When resources are thinner, you want – you need – things you can count on. The go-to tools you know will function when called on and hold up under repeated use. That’s exactly what’s driving increasing global demand for U.S.-made goods and products made elsewhere to those same high standards.

That’s also what led us to represent YESTool carbide cutting tools. When the opportunity presented itself, we spent months (and we are relentless in the vetting process) making sure their products, operations and services were everything they said. We’re delighted to report they were that andmore.

What you get through us for your customers is more than products. It’s trust. That’s why we vet every product and piece of equipment we represent. With all the front-end work done for you, you can use your time more effectively.

And that’s why superior quality will always have greater value.