Texas firm launches brand as the Gold Standard in Industrial Manufacturers’ Representation

AUGUST 23, 2012 (Mansfield, Texas) – Higher levels of knowledge, technology and integrity mark the rise of a new, elite tier of manufacturers’ representation with the emergence of the Tom Paine Group and its newly launched brand, the group announced recently.

“The industry is long overdue for leadership at this level,” said Tom Paine, president and founder of the Tom Paine Group, indicating the group’s new branding initiative including Web site, identity materials and collateral. After 30+ years in the metalworking industry, Paine founded the firm in 2011 to raise the bar in representing top-notch industrial manufacturers to distributors in Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas.

Industrial tools and technologies have evolved many times in sixty years, said Paine, but manufacturers’ representation, as a whole, has not kept pace. “There are many first-class industrial manufacturers in terms of the sophistication of their technology, their processes and certainly their products. But in many cases I’ve seen, manufacturers’ rep companies just haven’t stepped up to match that level of sophistication.”

Ongoing training for all the manufacturers and products they represent becomes a significant investment when you’re dealing with multiple sales representatives and travel, he explained. It requires committing valuable resources, not to mention taking salespeople off the road. A lot of firms are reluctant to do either one.

“We represent only manufacturers of elite industrial products because we make that commitment and more,” Paine said. “We visit the principals of these companies regularly – most reps don’t do that at all. But that’s what superior brands demand, and we represent the best – in craftsmanship, in reliability, and in capability. We knew our branding had to reflect that, and it does, quite well.” Deep investments in ongoing training and current technologies used – by customers and the companies they represent – are both vital in establishing the Tom Paine Group as the gold standard in manufacturers’ representation, Paine said, particularly in highly technical fields like aerospace and energy.

“Our new branding reflects that focus on technology, especially with the new Web site and the Webinar trainings we’re planning. We’re rolling out a new blog as well, where we’ll share ideas, recommend new technologies and discuss where we see the industry in the years ahead. Because that’s where we’re focused – on the future.”


About the Tom Paine Group:

The Tom Paine Group represents a full range of the most reputable metalworking products, with the most knowledgeable sales professionals, skilled in technology and rooted in integrity. The group is headquartered in Mansfield, Texas, and is a member of the Industrial Supply Association (ISA).