And We’re Off and Running!

Happy New Year, everybody! We hope your holidays were peaceful and joyous. They’re never long enough, are they?

For us, the new year started with the 2014 sales meeting at Mansfield HQ. 2013 was a terrific year for our group and our client companies, and we can feel 2014 is going to be even better.

The itinerary starts with Tom at LMT Onsrud in Waukegan, IL, then Tom, Lou Anne and Eric Shrader go on to Vargus in Janesville, WI, followed by Lexington Cutters in Bradenton, FL, for training – and that’s all before the end of January! Good thing we have Errol Munsch holding down the forts in Kansas and Missouri and Eric Soto in North Texas.

That’s how we roll here at Tom Paine Group – full steam ahead.

We’ll catch our breath for a couple of days and then head to the IMR Summit in Miami February 3-5. We always look forward to it for insights and what’s on the horizon. Very interested in seeing what afternoon speaker Dr. Revenue has to offer.

Most importantly, we’ll be stopping in to see you, our distributor customers. With news on how the gold standard in industrial supply manufacturers are solving customers’ challenges. More hands-on skills and expert information. Maybe a new manufacturer or two. And the most valuable, dependable service this side of Downton Abbey.

Meanwhile, you’re in good hands with Eric and Errol. Give us a call!