Raising the Bar

An elite class of manufacturers’ representatives is emerging in industrial supply, with higher standards across the board. Why? And why now?

This is a great time to be a manufacturers’ rep. Or not. Depends on where you stand.

On one hand, we have an enormous and ever-evolving range of incredible solutions to offer a hungry global market. There’s something new around every corner: engineered alloys, cutting tools and techniques, coatings, CNC technologies and software, 5-axis machining, “lights-out” machining, ad infinitum. And with every “next best thing” comes the need for the next generation of everything it touches.

On the other hand, metalwork is highly complex by nature, and it becomes more so with every new development. Even if it walks on water, advanced technology can’t sell itself. A rep still has to translate the cost of that technology into customer ROI. And to do that, a rep has to know it inside-out. The more advanced the technology, the more the rep has to learn.

True, it’s a big investment in time and money, and it takes the rep off the road. (So the hands of progress are taking from both pockets.) And far too many shops are squeaking by on margins that make their metal chips look plump by comparison.

The solution

The Tom Paine Group believes it’s time to step up. The industry is long overdue for the next generation in manufacturers’ representatives with the elite skills required to bring their advanced products to market successfully.

We believe they deserve reps willing to invest in ongoing education and training and commit to serve as an invaluable resource to the customers and companies they serve.

People who are committed to producing the best for their end users deserve that kind of representation.

People who look to us for solutions deserve our best as well. It’s a matter of professional integrity.

About the Tom Paine Group:

The Tom Paine Group represents a full range of the most reputable metalworking products, with the most knowledgeable sales professionals, skilled in technology and rooted in integrity. The group is headquartered in Mansfield, Texas, and is a member of the Industrial Supply Association (ISA). For more information, visit tompainegroup.com.