New Rep is a Natural Fit

We continue to see signs that the economy is mending and getting stronger. And here’s two more: the Tom Paine Group signed with two new manufacturers in the last few months, and we brought a new rep onboard in July.

Eric Soto is just what the doctor ordered. He has experience in industrial distributor sales, so he was able to hit the ground running to support company principals’ sales in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metropolitan area. But his skills outside the immediate job requirements put him in a category by himself. Like us, he brings a lot more to the table.

Digital technologies are critical to our industry today, and Eric not only speaks the language, he knows his way around software and hardware. That alone can be a game-changing skill set. But Eric also is an ASE-certified mechanic, which tells you he won’t hesitate to roll up his sleeves and get dirty to get the job done.

Above all, Eric’s achievements demonstrate a natural drive to explore and learn. And that’s what separates the elite from the mundane. It’s why training plays a large and critical role in the work we do for our customers. It’s the reason why the best typically get better and better. It’s just in our nature.