Great Customer Service Is The Product

Rocky Mountain Twist, an elite-level designer and manufacturer of ultra-precise cutting tools, recently signed with the Tom Paine Group. One of the reasons we’re amped about this new client is the lengths they go to for customer service.

RMT uses rotary methodology to create its tools for any business in which precision is critical. We all know that moving an individual tool from one production process to another typically results in a change of orientation. Even the lightest shift in orientation will affect the precision of the tool being created. So RMT tracks all critical specs using the latest optic laser technology. When any shift in orientation is detected, the system automatically adjusts for the change on the fly.

Like all our manufacturers, RMT gets it. They’re in business to solve problems for their customers, and they absolutely fill the bill. That’s what makes them successful. We plan to kick that up a notch or two. We look forward to visiting them often, to learn about new achievements and products, of course, but also to bask in the phenomenal view from their location in the Rockies.

What organization do you admire for their dedication to customer service and why? We’d love to hear about them! Share below.