As Good as Gold: Getting Customers What They Need

There are probably as many ways to prove our value to our customers as there are variables in machining. We covered one of the most vital this summer when we became manufacturer’s rep for Florida-based Lexington Cutter.

Metalworking shops don’t look for a tool unless and until they need that tool. With Lexington Cutter’s huge range of products (20,000+ and counting), you’ll be able to deliver. And did we mention that 95% of them are ready to ship or customize at any given moment? (Yes, 95%!) And like all gold-standard manufacturers, Lexington stands ready to produce any special tool to your exact specs. That’s more than product availability; that’s at-your-service service.

That’s a big reason why we represent only elite industrial manufacturers. They offer proven solutions and time-tested reliability. They get it. And because they get it, they make everybody else’s job easier. (They’re all about that. Visit and read how they earned an ISA American Eagle Award.)

Our job is making sure you can deliver what customers need to succeed and come through like a “hero.” Not just for the big production guys or the high-speed, 5-axis, automated tool-changer guys, but for the short-run, conventional machining guys with everything from CNCs to low-horsepower and manual machining centers. Lexington Cutter will go a long way to make short work of that.