Clearing the Air

Of all the things that set elite manufacturers apart from their competition, perhaps the most prevalent is their commitment to “do things right.” Whether its software, safety programs or indoor air quality, they don’t talk about doing it right, they just do it.

Why? They get it. They understand the value of investing time and forethought and testing to make their products everything they’re reputed to be, and often better. It keeps the brand strong and builds customer satisfaction and retention. It minimizes callbacks and eliminates the thousands of irksome problems that surround you like a cloud of gnats because you cut corners instead of solving the problem.

There’s a great example of this situation right now in the mist collection industry. Claims of systems being 99% efficient are as common as comb-overs and just as transparent.

The problem lies in what’s being measured. Measuring the exhaust content – the true measure – typically reveals the exhaust air still fails to meet current air quality standards.

AEROEX does it right.

Which brings us to the reason for this blog entry. We recently signed on to represent AEROEX Mist Eliminators in the Mid-South states beginning January1, 2013.

We personally vetted their systems for effectiveness and cost/value, as we do with every manufacturer we represent. Their innovative, multi-stage separation process is not only more efficient, it wisely frees users from complete reliance on filters and the costs that come with them.

In fact, AEROEX system results typically far exceed current air quality standards – using exhaust measurement, of course. And many key components are designed for a 10 – year service life.

See what we mean? AEROEX does it right. That sets them apart from their competition, putting their products in an elite performance category. And makes them a perfect fit for us.